Moody Dramatic Dining Room, Bowdon

Moody Dramatic Dining Room, Bowdon

This room definitely has the moody vibes with its dark ceiling and dark black wooden floors. We added this stunning Divine Savages wallpaper to every wall, which has bright pops of yellow, green and blue. These beautiful colours in royal tones really stand out against the black base of the room. 

This stunning bespoke made circular table was specifically designed to fit the space and then the mustard swivel chairs complemented the wallpaper and added that bright luxurious feel to the room. Finished with a beautiful quirky gold and black chandelier suspended above the table. 

The cluster of three ceiling lights in the corner of the room, created an area of interest and helped to define this space next to the piano and the plush blue velvet sofa. The blue of the sofa was again chosen to complement the wallpaper and pull out that deep rich colour, I think it works perfectly. 

We then finished the room with these stunning hand sewn voiles which hang perfectly in the ceiling recess purposely built to hide the curtain tracks. The slight sheen of gold in the voiles not only makes the window dressings look glamorous but also tie in other hints of gold used in the rest of the room.

This room is a perfect example of how to use darker colours without making the room appear smaller. It’s elegant and moody and I can’t wait to see the room being used with family and friends for dinner parties!  



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